Kodak developed the first-ever digital camera but has failed to keep up with industry trends. It was not the advent of digital photography that led to its failure. They could have been the trendsetter. It was because they chose to curb the digital trend for fear that digital cameras would eat up the market share of traditional cameras and, more importantly, films.

Likewise, even with face coverings, social distancing, and widespread lockdown in effect, we may still fail to stop COVID-19 from spreading. It’s not that these measures don’t work. It’s because we don’t — and we can’t — do it properly at all times. How many times have you talked with someone within 6 feet? How many times have you pulled your face mask under your nose or chin? How many times have you tried to get around the ban in the face of a stay-at-home order?

Vaccines are not 100% effective in protecting against any virus, either. Yet, it’s horrendously stupid of many to interpret “not 100%” as “0%.” Since there’s not a single course of action to end this pandemic once and for all, we have to take ALL possible measures simultaneously for the highest levels of safety — even so, we’re not 100% safe.

As nearly all the sudden big and small outbreaks of COVID-19 in China this year have been associated with frozen seafoods, the novel coronavirus might have been sequestered in the oceans for ages until it was carried into the human body and caused this egregious “marine super flu.”

If you’re disturbed by the idea of wearing a face mask in public, try putting on a face shield instead. Still feeling disturbed? Why?

You don’t have a face?

Didn’t @fordnation and his fellows know a city named Beijing has 21.54 million people and has seen shockingly fewer cases for the past few consecutive months? 🙄️

toronto.ctvnews.ca/mobile/ontario-premier-says-friends-in-united-states-shocked-by-province-s-covid-19-success-1.5057730 MUST-READ (1 min) Ontario premier says friends in United States ‘shocked’ by province’s COVID-19 success (from CTV News)

TORONTO — Ontario Premier Doug Ford says his “friends” in the United States tell him they are “shocked” by the low COVID-19 numbers in the province. The premier made the comments at a news conference on Monday, commending the province for its success so far in battling the deadly disease. … ⇢ Read more

UPDATE: 4m → 5m = 17 days.

Trend in US COVID cases:
1 → 1m = 99 days,
1m → 2m = 45 days,
2m → 3m = 28 days,
3m → 4m = 15 days.
What’s next?

www.cnn.com/2020/07/23/health/us-coronavirus-thursday/index.html MUST-READ (6 min) US surpasses 4 million reported coronavirus cases as hospitalizations near record (by Christina Maxouris and Jason Hanna, CNN)

No face mask, no lockdown, no hand washing, no social distancing, but more toilet paper. I started to sympathize with these guys.

www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8552163/People-psychopathic-narcissistic-traits-likely-follow-face-mask-rules.html MUST-READ (5 min) People with narcissistic traits less likely to follow face mask rules (by Connor Boyd)

Studies found traits made people think rules don’t work or not care about others People with psychopathic and narcissistic personality traits are more likely to ignore coronavirus restrictions and to hoard food and toilet paper, research shows. … ⇢ Read more

Whether it’s called “China Virus,” “Kenya Virus,” or “Argentina Virus,” the nomenclature does little to belie the remarkable ineptitude displayed by an egregiously ludicrous US president when COVID cases keep hitting new highs. What a lesson to the voters!

How retarded some people are when they think COVID-19 is something used to gauge how much freedom the gov can take from them. No one really casts damn greedy eyes on your freedom, Karens and Chads!