It looks as if coronavirus is already an outdated topic on the Internet.

Public speeches and press conferences seldom incorporate the very personal thoughts of politicians. When authorities of a country, who show up at a packed venue, pull down their face masks, and stand close to people, don’t actually care about the pandemic, you can’t expect all citizens, including uncountable idiots, to really care about it. Some believe that China tried to cover up COVID-19 at its onset, but that just explains how much China cared about it.

Despite his insincere apologies, @JohnTory‘s inner self doesn’t take COVID-19 seriously. From my observation, people who really care about a pandemic would hardly treat a face mask as an add-on, and they’re wary of being approached.

The Trinity Bellwoods event has marked the ignominious fiasco of Canada in containing COVID-19. Mass miseducation and dereliction of duty have reached an astounding level.

Three months back, COVID-19 in North America was just embers that would’ve been put off in weeks through strict lockdown, face covering and quarantine decrees — exactly what was later carried into effect. Unfortunately, ignorant individuals and malfunctioning governments jointly turned it into an inferno.

.@claytravis Deaths add up to around 100,000; the incurred “loss” is more than just printed death tolls & still getting exacerbated by #COVIDIOTS like u, thus inestimable and unpredictable.


I never thought there would come a day that I’d have to educate people around me on why wearing a face mask can help stop viruses from spreading and why Earth is not flat.