I’ve bought my third MacBook Air (with AppleCare) in 10 years. While I love the new elements that are absent from my 2011 and 2015 models (Touch ID, more dynamic speakers, new Magic Keyboard with the refined scissor mechanism, larger Trackpad, the T2 chip, Retina display with True Tone technology, Thunderbolt 3, etc.), the newly installed macOS Catalina did inflict great pain on me – the new Mac just didn’t sync files to iCloud Drive. This has never happened to my MacBook Pro’s or iMac’s because iCloud data was already downloaded pre-Catalina. After I trawled through Google search results and the threads on Apple Community, it was totally clear this is a bug of macOS Catalina. If you’re buying a new Mac, DON’T SIGN IN WITH YOUR APPLE ID WHEN SETTING UP THE OS. Try skipping that part, and you’ll have the chance to activate iCloud at a later point in time. This could minimize the possibility of encountering serious delay or failure in syncing. That said, the 2020 MacBook Air is still a good buy. I bought the entry-level version because it would be enough for Internet surfing and light office use.

Apple Notes is a great app deserving our attention. It’s lightweight yet functional. iCloud makes it even more reliable and powerful. I wish I could have a website hosted on iCloud Drive with Apple Notes being the editor.