Tsingtao is a city where driving is a must. But I took a bus for the 1st time yesterday. It was No.305 from Wuxialu. [t.co/EbeMbpIyW…](https://t.co/EbeMbpIyWc)

A friend asked me to repair his old iPod shuffle. I failed a thousand times before realizing it is a ChiPod shuffle. [t.co/22tWykarm…](https://t.co/22tWykarmd)

I hate it when people point at my belly saying “Look! How overweight you are!” It’s just part of me and I like the way I am. #truth

Scholarly journals I’ve just read have identified me as an aromantic ambiphilic male with heterophilia, morphophilia, sadism and partialism.

The problem with my feet is plantar fasciitis. No satisfactory treatment for it. I have got to make more dorsiflexion to stretch the calves.