It breaks your heart when you treat someone well and they just want to escape from you. The case is like giving my cat a bath in her tub.

Sina Weibo & Tencent Weibo have embraced their moment of glory. You can’t submit any comment to any post from 8am today till 8am 3rd Apr.

Do you also feel the pain the moment you wake up while you don’t really know what to have for breakfast? Milk? Eggs? Burgers? No, my pillow.

Somewhere over the rainbow there’s a dome. Underneath’s my little cozy home. No Internet, no telephone. No one visits and I’m forever alone.

It’s not bad to have a cozy & warm place like Path where you share every little mood & move with your closest friends. Love it so much.

At times I do really terribly what I think I’m best at. This is life in a low. Could do nothing but accept and wait. And put on an Eminem.