First night on CPAP. Still getting used to it yet feeling good. AHI decreased from 83 per hour to 3.3 per hour. Amazing. The pillow is Contour CPAP Max 2.0.

Is it a good idea to reactivate @realDonaldTrump now and see his reaction? I just love watching fruitcakes get flustered and exasperated.

Congrats to our neighbors to the south. This is your moment. 🎉🇺🇸🎉 I’m happy for ya!

These are what I got from what they classify as an essential business under what they call an escalated provincewide lockdown.

The CD I ordered from Japan has arrived. Took just 4 weeks from Yokohama to Hamilton during the pandemic. Much impressed! Time to wallow in these nice tracks — melodies injected with pathos 🎵…

Just deleted 4 apps from my phones: Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

This doesn’t mean I’m leaning towards Twitter.

If you experienced the hassles that Facebook and Instagram put up for you while deleting humongous amounts of data, you’d know these centralized social hubs are equally sinister.

Embrace IndieWeb, the Open Web, or the next gen of the Internet.

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Today you went into a 14-day quarantine.

When the quarantine is over, you’ll find yourself free from both COVID-19 and Donald Trump.

Beautiful life, isn’t it?

Bought two bottles of cleaner approved for use against COVID-19 to disinfect outside items entering my home.

But why two? —— They would need to disinfect one another as well.


The intro to Apple Fitness+ on Apple TV is a slideshow introducing trainers for all types of workouts. Let’s say hi to Amir. You must have noticed something special. This is just so Apple: what you get is not mere functionality. Apple’s humanitarian efforts intensified in all possible ways have made a product touching, inspiring, and thought-provoking.