Who would like to be present at the April 21st DIZZY live show in Hamilton, Ontario? Two friends are not going, hence two extra tickets. Let me know if you wish to go. t.co/vrmgjB9tKO

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Some robins came over and nested on the lamp on the exterior wall. It all happened overnight. We didn’t notice it until the next morning, startled by the dispatch and the terrible mess as well.

I ate spicy crispy chicken burger meal and apple turnover with soft serve alone. I said “eat in”, and the girl wrapped it up. I said “give me a fork for the apple turnover, and she was like “OMG didn’t I give you one?” 👋

✎ Foodlog
📍 Burger King
Open now after renovation, 210 Centennial Pkwy N, Hamilton, ON L8E 4A1
(905) 662-7262

I wrote a song titled Paris, Paris 5 or 6 years ago. The song portrays a girl who is going to dump her boyfriend after a chance encounter with a European guy by falsely claiming she simply feels a sudden urge to travel in Paris alone. But her boyfriend is not so easy to fool.

🎶 Paris, Paris, Paris
🎶 You say you’re longing to see Paris
🎶 And also how grandiose Notre Dame is
🎶 … …

Paris, Paris – written by Jason Shew

Demo (recorded in June, 2013):

✎ It took around 200 years to build it and just 90 minutes or so to become dilapidated.

An iconic spire and precious stained glass: All that could be lost in the Notre Dame blaze

When Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral was heavily damaged by flames on Monday, much of one of the most famed examples of Gothic architecture — a building that has seen centuries of history and is a symbol of France — went up in smoke. …

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A three-year-old boy is fondling his own balls while his mother is giving him a bath.

“Are they my brains, ma?”

“Not just yet, dear.”

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As the storyline unfolds, the dénouement of Killing Eve will likely tell us a truth hidden throughout these seasons: (everybody is actually) killing (time with) Eve.

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