‪Our ancestors didn’t stress gender neutrality like we do today: just take a glance at the legions of epicene expressions we have invented recently. Perhaps gender neutrality is not part of human nature at all but a contrived element of civilization.‬

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Ashura festival sees children left covered in blood as devout Muslims use knives to slice their heads open

INCREDIBLE images show devout Muslims using knives to cut open their heads during a traditional show of faith. Every year, thousands of Shia worshippers take part in the ceremonies, performed to mourn the death of Husayn ibn Ali, a grandson of the Prophet Mohammed. …

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This is a Gift, Belated yet Timely

"This is a Gift, Belated yet Timely"

Next Monday, two best friends of mine — a blissful couple as well as first-time parents-to-be — will celebrate the birthday they share with one another. I usually gift things very carefully, and this time I’m going to remain pragmatic. After much deliberation, it occurred to me that I should buy them something to celebrate their forthcoming parenthood: a superb diaper bag.

Self-acceptance is a trope of great importance. As time elapses, I’m becoming increasingly aware that I belong to “minorities” in a goodly number of facets of everyday life. Surely I can integrate into various communities on different occasions, but deep inside I’m very perspicuous about the sense of insulation, or isolation, lingering in the air. That said, it’s bullishness and aplomb rather than company that make me who I am.

🎵 The Way I Am // Charlie Puth — Voicenotes (2018)

My electric toothbrush is going nuts… I’ve just wrapped it in a thick blanket, so when it powers itself up again it won’t drive me into a frenzy of rage at 2:30am. 😓