✎ Why can’t parents just leave this kind of decision to their children reaching adulthood? It’s ridiculous to circumcise a baby just because the dad himself was circumcised as a baby rather than because medical necessity has arisen. It’s NOT a paternal prescription to circumcise a baby without his knowledge. It’s mutilation without consent! #UncutAndProud

Baby has penis amputated after nurse ‘pretending to be doctor’ botches circumcision by Kate Buck

@twwilliams @Fahrni Also, Apple Hong Kong champions the current democratic proceedings in that city, which is definitely not winning favor with China. When China voices its concerns, Apple will suffer.

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✎ Polygamy is the new sincerity?

Millennial and Gen Z daters want committed love and have casual sex, says Match’s dating survey

If you’re single and have decided to jump on the online dating trend, you might want to hear this. Buzz60’s Susana Victoria Perez has more. Buzz60 Who says young daters don’t want to be in a relationship, or for that matter, don’t have enough sex? …

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✎ Canada might not be a perfect place, but it allows everyone, including me and my loved ones, to live like real human beings…

Study ranks Canada #1 in the world for quality of life

Canada was recently ranked the second most beautiful country in the world, and now it is being hailed for its quality of life. In fact, Canada took the top spot for the category in the latest 2019 Best Countries Rankings by U.S. News and World Report. …

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RT @DaminStarr: 🇨🇦 Canada was recently ranked the second most beautiful country in the world, and now it is being hailed for its quality of life.

Study ranks #Canada #1 in the world for quality of life ➡️ t.co/FTWCgG5wRk t.co/hPvYne8c1H

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The Tim Apple Waver meme is really funny. Rather than make America great again, this lovely sod definitely tries his best to make American English great again, both grammatically and lexically. His imagination in coining great words is even greater than that of Shakespeare. Its sew dam grate!

A student had an interview with me about waste sorting in China. Although I had bantered with some friends about this, it was another thing to talk about it informatively and insightfully. As I said to her, there would be very little room for improvement in Canada since it’s already scientifically planned out. Yet, for China, I could have made tons of politically incorrect remarks, but I just didn’t really know what to start with and held them back…

I am a Program (poem)

"I am a Program (poem)"

I am a program
Binary and well composed.
Lodging in your meager memory
I keep my body closed.
When you require me
I run right away.
When you remove me
I run downright away.
But either way
I keep my core updated
Unlike chauvinists and you
Who’ve had the thick skulls raided.
I am a program
So neat and well maintained
That I should never fit into
An environment nonsense has reigned.

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