Since some out there are not web-savvy, it’s necessary to introduce them to an elegant way to frequent this site.


On the top right of the webpage is a menu containing icons that guide you to each section of the site.


About — Information about this site and about me.


Orientation — Probably what you are reading now.


Alternative URL — Everybody has a www.FULLNAME.com, and so do I.


Visuals — Pictures and videos I took in my day-to-day life. Mostly ShotOniPhone. Yeah, I’m an advocate of iPhoneography.


Music — What I was listening to. Normally, by clicking on either the music icon or the song title below, you will listen directly on Apple Music (iOS only). If you’re not a subscriber to Apple Music, iTunes Preview will work for you (30-second preview for each song, desktop only). Since March of 2019, this site has featured embedded Apple Music players.


Videos — What I watched (typically video clips rather than movies). This icon enables you to watch videos on YouTube or elsewhere. YouTube videos are likely to be embedded in microposts and blogposts. A Chinese-friendly play button, designed for my audience in mainland China, links to video services behind the notorious GFW (Youku, iQiyi, etc.).


TESOL — As you may have read on the About page, I teach TESOL students by profession. I have no intention of turning this site into a language-learning platform, but I do often feel the urge to share my perspectives about second-language acquisition with students. Both microposts and blogposts can fall into this category.


Blogposts — Generally, this site presents my microposts (namely, status updates). But at times I do compose longer blogposts, which may cover a wide range of topics. The distinction between a micropost and a blogpost mainly lies in length, but the demarcation is arbitrary.


Lifelog — Since late March of 2019, I’ve been writing down what I eat, what I drink, when I work out, and other minor everyday life activities. If this part doesn’t interest you, feel free to neglect it.

Jason Shew's Projects

Projects (not a link per se) — Categories of my current major enterprises.


NOW — See what I’ve been up to lately.


Arikid — My non-commercial music-making project since 2005.


Contact — You are always welcome to strike up a conversation by filling out the contact form and clicking on SEND. This is a fastest way to reach me. You’ll see a notification in green once your message is successfully dispatched. (Notifications are in other colors when errors or failures occur.) When you get my first reply, you’ll know my email address. Next time, you can shoot me an email directly without using the contact form. You can also reach me elsewhere by clicking on any of the icons below the contact form.


Blessings — My ever-updating Amazon Wishlist. Well, don’t get me wrong. I’m not asking you to buy me anything. This wishlist just introduces you to my specific shopping preferences. I reckon it to be a good way to know a person.


When the homepage of iiii.ca has fully loaded, press the share button below and select Add to Home Screen, so that the site can become something of an app installed on your phone. The icon is very consistent with those of the apps you already have on your home screen. Of course, you can customize the name of the “app”.


You can always jump back to the top of a webpage by clicking on the little maple leaf in the bottom right corner. Likewise, you can return to the homepage by clicking on the site logo, which is on the top left.


On laptops and tablets, the size of images in the timeline has been reduced to keep the front-page neat. If you want to view larger images, click on the timestamp of a post. If you want the original size, right-click on an image, copy the image address, and just keep the middle part of the URL (i.e., https://w.iiii.ca/img/****.jpg). For example, if you get an image address like https://i2.wp.com/w.iiii.ca/img/XjDN.jpg?zoom=2&w=2560&ssl=1, trim it to https://w.iiii.ca/img/XjDN.jpg, which is the original URL of that image. Almost all the images on this site are watermarked as copyright content unless otherwise noted. If you need a watermark-free version, contact the webmaster here.


A simple search bar is located at the bottom of every page. You can type in specific keywords and press Enter to get search results. I wish you good luck.


Since March of 2019, comments have been allowed on this site. You cannot see any comment or a reply button on the homepage. However, you can click on the date / timestamp — which is in grayer and smaller print — showing above any post or below the title of a post. When that clickthrough guides you to an individual page, the comment field can be seen right below the post. Your name, email, and other contact info are welcomed but not required. Feel free to share your thoughts. If you wish to follow updates on your own comments and/or to get notified of my new posts, choose Notify me of follow-up comments by email and/or Notify me of new posts by email before you click on that Post Comment button. If you find all the comments (even including your own) gone, they may have been archived to keep the pages clean and tidy.


Since March of 2019, Webmentions have been allowed on this site. If you’re very web-savvy, try sending a Webmention below the comment field. The Ping me! button works perfectly.