Now (Archive, 2019)

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January – December, 2019

I live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

  • Upgrading my driver’s licence.
  • To set up a new server for Visuals on this site.
  • Created the Lifelog sector and scripts for publishing Lifelog.
  • Introduced Webmentions, comments, and embedded Apple Music players.
  • Added timezone to the timeline.
  • Added category links to each post.
  • To add icons for multimedia content to this site.
  • To turn text in the navigation bar into icons.
  • Hosted a WeChat Group Seminar on TOEFL training.
  • Conversion from tags to categories.
  • Paying weekly visits to my dentist to fix dental problems.
  • Reading Mignon Fogarty’s books (the Grammar Girl series) purchased from the Kindle Store.
  • Improving this site, so that I don’t need to post status updates elsewhere.
  • To minimize plugins.
  • To organize a class reunion to celebrate our graduation from university ten years ago.
  • To scout around for suitable birthday gifts for Taurus friends.
  • To get ready for the trip to Tokyo, Japan this summer.
  • To get ready for the trip to Toronto, Canada this fall — winter.
  • To sell part of my home appliances before relocation.
  • To find a new dwelling place in Beijing, China.

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