Subway advertising in Beijing, China:

Mom, Ms. Amy said Mr. Tom taught me wrong pronunciations!

At DaDa (the name of the advertised school), our teachers from Europe and America present more native accents.

The problem might be that most Chinese English learners care too much about accents and at times they can’t distinguish between pronunciation and accent. They tend to think Indian and South African people don’t speak natively while everyone from the US is speaking “Standard English”.

Well… what about getting Nicki Minaj and XXXTentacion to teach these kids? 🤔


Ever since he took off his tuxedo
and she her wedding gown,
time’s been a healer yet placebo,
that turns her into a clown.

Three hours after a sip of the pekoe,
she‘s staring at the crib with a frown.
Dwelling in the dungeon incognito,
she’s the saddest mother in town.

Then she ascends to the gazebo,
in contempt of her man of great renown.
Misfortunes don’t break her ego;
desolation never wears her wit down.


🎵 “A Woman’s Worth” is a recording by Alicia Keys, appearing on the 2001 album “Songs In A Minor”. [ Listen on QQ Music ]

Good pre-conception health is the holy grail for all expectant fathers. I suggest the following supplements if you are one of them. Of course, if you are not planning for pregnancy, this combination is still worth trying out.


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7. Stop tobacco and alcohol consumption;
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