Good pre-conception health is the holy grail for all expectant fathers. I suggest the following supplements if you are one of them. Of course, if you are not planning for pregnancy, this combination is still worth trying out.


1. Lecithin (1,200 mg strength): once (1,200 mg) or twice (2,400 mg) a day;
2. Wheat Germ Oil (1,130 mg strength): once (1,130 mg) or twice (2,260 mg) a day;
3. Zinc (50 mg strength): once (50 mg) a day;
4. Pygeum (100 mg strength): once (100 mg) or twice (200 mg) a day;
5. Folic Acid (1,000 mcg strength): once (1,000 mcg) a day.


5.5 Try L-Arginine and maca to further boost reproductive health;
6. Take other vitamins and minerals, particularly B vitamins, vitamin E, vitamin C, and calcium;
7. Stop tobacco and alcohol consumption;
8. Frequent a fitness club regularly;
9. Get enough sleep;

Disclaimer: I’m not giving any medical advice nor prescribing medicine for you as a physician. You should always consult your doctor before trying any of these recommendations.

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