My family doctor heard about my sleep disorder 1 and wanted to help. To start with, we would need a thorough sleep study. Seven days later I got an email from the lab. 1.5 hours after I completed the online questionnaires I got a phone call from the technician saying the overnight sleep study could be carried out on the same day.

19:52 Arrived at the lab
22:53 Sleep study started
05:32 Sleep study ended

Now I’m waiting for the results.

  1. My Apple Watch shows a low blood oxygen level (approximately 76%) during sleep and detects very few hours of sleep (4 hours 3 minutes, for example) even though I have lain in bed for 8 hours straight. Considering my height and weight, my doctor thinks this may result from sleep apnea. 

IKEA has their pumpkins rotting at the storefront.

Fortinos has far more pumpkins than in-store customers.

Neighbors say they’re not allowing their kids to go trick or treating this year.

Apple Store is welcoming the first iPhone 12 box opener, who’s masked like the other dozens of onlookers so you have no clue who on earth that lucky funky guy / girl is.

I guess it will definitely be interesting to shoot day-to-day footage now and watch it dacades after.

Wearing no face masks and blatantly defying social distancing rules at will, mannequins are much happier than us lesser mortals.

📍 Apple Mapleview Centre
900 Maple Ave
Burlington, ON
Canada [map]

Boxy cars never fail to amaze me, and that’s why the 2020 Kia Soul EX finally became my pick today. Many thanks to Ray for his company. A fun fact: the Kia salesman Mr Jack Kang eventually had my business because he was the only one, considering the sheer number of Kia dealerships in my area, who quoted me honestly enough that I decided to travel 60 km to meet him during COVID-19. I simply hated little mind games of all kinds.

I’ve bought my third MacBook Air (with AppleCare) in 10 years. While I love the new elements that are absent from my 2011 and 2015 models (Touch ID, more dynamic speakers, new Magic Keyboard with the refined scissor mechanism, larger Trackpad, the T2 chip, Retina display with True Tone technology, Thunderbolt 3, etc.), the newly installed macOS Catalina did inflict great pain on me – the new Mac just didn’t sync files to iCloud Drive. This has never happened to my MacBook Pro’s or iMac’s because iCloud data was already downloaded pre-Catalina. After I trawled through Google search results and the threads on Apple Community, it was totally clear this is a bug of macOS Catalina. If you’re buying a new Mac, DON’T SIGN IN WITH YOUR APPLE ID WHEN SETTING UP THE OS. Try skipping that part, and you’ll have the chance to activate iCloud at a later point in time. This could minimize the possibility of encountering serious delay or failure in syncing. That said, the 2020 MacBook Air is still a good buy. I bought the entry-level version because it would be enough for Internet surfing and light office use.

One of my fave perfumes of the last decade. The base notes are simply mesmerizing! I happened to find it on Amazon when Sephora told me it had been discontinued in many countries. Just amazing!

Hugo Boss Element