One book I borrowed from the public library is somewhat interesting. It’s titled 100 Words Almost Everyone Mixes Up or Mangles, compiled by the editorial staff of the American Heritage Dictionaries. While you can buy this book from a random bookstore, I’d like to share these words with you. Of course, I can’t and won’t poach the original content. I’m going to introduce to you some of these words every now and then and give a hyperlink to each word, so you can learn its definition. All these vocabulary posts, including this inaugural post, have the hashtag #the100words in order for you to search for them.


Going to finish part of my rooms with this light gray laminate flooring, which is available only at Lowe’s. Spent a dollar on a sample of it. Features: AC 5 durability rating, made in Germany, lifetime warranty (for residential purposes), amazingly thick (12mm), suitable for the main floor, the bedrooms, and even the basement… Flawless, eh? But now it’s on sale for a very compelling price. So what’s the catch? 🤔



I’m not mentally vulnerable most of the time, but sometimes I do feel so. Once I asked myself,

“If I suffered from severe chronic depression so much that I had to end my life today, whom should I talk to at the last minute?”

Then I counted in very few people. Yes, very very few, even with my family included.

Now I know your support and solicitude are always there for me, albeit unnoticeably before today.

I’m touched as you’re counted in. Thank you, my dear friend. I am and will be at your back, too.