4 clear days in a row this week, good time for an exterior paint job. An hour or so was spent on it. Now I’m ready to enjoy some lomaikai (steamed glutinous rice with chicken). 😁

lomaikai (steamed glutinous rice with chicken)

Bought this guy off Amazon. This beautifully designed Taiwan-made marble French rolling pin is sturdy and weighty β€”β€”
Length: 11.75″ (29.8 cm)
Diameter: 1.69″ (4.29 cm)
Weight: 2.77 lbs (1.26 kg) (without the cradle)

The specifications printed on the package are NOT correct. Maybe they sent me an upgraded model? Who knows… My thumb and middle finger could just barely encircle it. (Yes, it’s my index finger in the picture.)

You like my hair?
Gee, thanks. Just shaved it.

First heat warning 🌑️ this year (05/26 – 05/27)
🀘🏻 I’m hanging in there. 🀘🏻


First heat warning for Hamiltion this year (for Tuesday 05/26 and Wednesday 05/27)
Shot on iPhone XS Max

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