Self-acceptance is a trope of great importance. As time elapses, I’m becoming increasingly aware that I belong to “minorities” in a goodly number of facets of everyday life. Surely I can integrate into various communities on different occasions, but deep inside I’m very perspicuous about the sense of insulation, or isolation, lingering in the air. That said, it’s bullishness and aplomb rather than company that make me who I am.

🎡 The Way I Am // Charlie Puth β€” Voicenotes (2018)

No TV series or movie can be streamed while I’m traveling abroad, so the stuff bought from the iTunes Store1 becomes the only comfort, if YouTube clips don’t count. Not cool.

🎡 Heaven // Aria Ohlsson β€” Heaven – Single (2019)

  1. I buy all seasons of a TV series and some movies that I tend to watch multiple times from the iTunes Store, along with some LP albums.