If Google Authenticator doesn’t work properly on your iPhone, try offloading this app from Settings β€” General β€” iPhone Storage without losing any data and then reinstalling it. For details, follow these steps on this page. Many thanks to @tsongstad for passing this on to me.

My Theragun Elite arrived today. While it’s almost impossible to make an absolutely safe appointment with a chiropractor during COVID-19, a professional massage gun could do the job at home. And yes, it works like a charm. πŸ‘

My family doctor heard about my sleep disorder 1 and wanted to help. To start with, we would need a thorough sleep study. Seven days later I got an email from the lab. 1.5 hours after I completed the online questionnaires I got a phone call from the technician saying the overnight sleep study could be carried out on the same day.

19:52 Arrived at the lab
22:53 Sleep study started
05:32 Sleep study ended

Now I’m waiting for the results.

  1. My Apple Watch shows a low blood oxygen level (approximately 76%) during sleep and detects very few hours of sleep (4 hours 3 minutes, for example) even though I have lain in bed for 8 hours straight. Considering my height and weight, my doctor thinks this may result from sleep apnea. 

Hey, dear fellow Canadians. If you’re pro-Trump, kindly head for the US and fund his cause. Bringing strifes up to Toronto and places like Aylmer is illogically idiotic.