Dear Moms and Dads …

"Dear Moms and Dads …"


Here is my reply to a TOEFL test taker’s feedback shortly after she finished the test. She said the writing topic was about “a teacher’s methods when students get bored”. It sounded a bit strange because TOEFL writing prompts would hardly bring up “students’ boredom”. Despite this oddity, I told her that her response would be more likely to hit the spot because she tended to be more familiar with school things than sophisticated issues like governmental strategies or corporate ethics. Yet today, her mother interpreted my reply as praise, going nuts on seeing her daughter score only 22/30 in the writing section. Eh, what’s wrong?

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Hey, This is the Disclaimer.

"Hey, This is the Disclaimer."

This site is run by an adult and intended for sane adults. Though not stocking it with explicit NFSW content, I can’t control how visitors, including underage ones, click their mouse buttons. If your children crawl over here and bump into something you feel inappropriate, it’s not my fault. I didn’t invite them to those pages at all.

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