Wear a face mask, ma’am!

"Wear a face mask, ma’am!"

How misinformation from health professionals misleads the public:

— Wear a face mask, ma’am.

— No. You gotta leave them to public health workers.

— You admit a mask can protect healthcare workers. Why do you think you don’t need one to protect yourself?

— I’m exposed to low risks compared to them.

— First, “low risk“ is not “zero risk.” To keep the virus contained we need to make sure it’s zero risk. Second, community spread has begun since long time ago. Roughly 25% of the virus carriers are asymptomatic. When a group of guys walks past you in the street or into the elevator with you, how would you know if the risk is low or not? Third, you don’t have to wear the same type of face mask as healthcare workers do. You are not competing for resources.

— Well I just trust my doctor. Give me a break.

They just don’t know since January, supermarkets and stores in affected Asian countries have denied maskless patrons access. Even today, without a mask they are not allowed to step out of their condo buildings. Health professionals in Europe and Americas just lack cosmopolitan views of this issue. Even if all the people in North America started to wear masks from today, it would be very very late.

A face mask is a protective accessory, a viral filter that works the same way as a condom. If someone thinks condoms are only for those already diagnosed with STDs and STD specialists, I’m not responsible for their miseducation.

Why does the West fail to “learn from China”?

"Why does the West fail to “learn from China”?"

1. Different mindsets.

The pursuit of longevity is an important part of the Chinese culture, so it is foreseeably easier for authorities to take measures in line with public interest to combat the pandemic. However, though also the pursuit of many people, longevity is not as deeply rooted in Western culture. Millions want to live longer; thousands want to live life to the full, regardless of the approaching death — as some millennials put it, “if I get corona(virus), I get corona. I’ve got to make full use of it till I can’t.” ⇢ Read more

I am a Program

"I am a Program"

I am a program
Binary and well composed.
Lodging in your meager memory
I keep my body closed.
When you require me
I run right away.
When you remove me
I run downright away.
But either way
I keep my core updated
Unlike chauvinists and you
Who’ve had the thick skulls raided.
I am a program
So neat and well maintained
That I should never fit into
An environment nonsense has reigned.

Nowhere Else

"Nowhere Else"

Last night in my dream, we two became one.
Each inch of your skin was against mine.
When the bedside candle burnt down low,
our prolonged shadows swaggered on the wall.
As part of you was in the palms of my hands,
you gave a low moan that evidenced a tacit surrender.

Nowhere else could you run.
Nowhere else would you run.
Nowhere else should you run.

You muttered the moribundity of your family life,
and how you were mislaid in the ocean of dead romance.
But I didn’t empathize. Not even close to that.
Just like an enchanting cage harboring an injured falcon.
As part of you was on the tip of my tongue,
you shivered, growling you saw a paradise.

Nowhere else could you run.
Nowhere else would you run.
Nowhere else should you run.

Sophie Trudeau Diagnosed with COVID-19

"Sophie Trudeau Diagnosed with COVID-19"

First of all this is sad news. My best wishes go to the Trudeaus.

To those who dwell on “authoritativeness,” when authorities and medical workers can’t even protect themselves and loved ones properly against a public health crisis, how could you be unjustifiably credulous about the judgement made by “authorities”?

Not long ago, Justin Trudeau went to a Chinese restaurant and socialized with a group of people without any protective gear. This is a bad demonstration from an authority. (I don’t have problems with Chinese restaurants or Chinese food. Simply the opposite of social distancing in today’s context is really not what we would expect of an authority.)

For a medical specialist returning from a trip to the US, going to work immediately without awareness of the situation is also a bad demonstration.

A lack of awareness stems from a paucity of REAL information. ⇢ Read more

If you are organizing an event or attending a gathering in Hamilton, please think twice.

"If you are organizing an event or attending a gathering in Hamilton, please think twice."

I know many of you are thumbing your noses at recent news and believe COVID-19 is hyped and overblown. I came back from somewhere near the epicenter of the outbreak (Beijing, China) five weeks ago, and I’ve been isolating myself at home1 ever since (strictly for the first three weeks, most of the time these two weeks). Luckily I’m very well at present, but the fear is lingering. I should say this disease is not like a common flu, and I suggest all of us avoid crowds and cancel gatherings of all kinds. Hamilton has seen the first positive case, which may well be just the tip of the iceberg.

Several facts about the novel coronavirus: ⇢ Read more

This is a Gift, Belated yet Timely

"This is a Gift, Belated yet Timely"

Next Monday, two best friends of mine — a blissful couple as well as first-time parents-to-be — will celebrate the birthday they share with one another. I usually gift things very carefully, and this time I’m going to remain pragmatic. After much deliberation, it occurred to me that I should buy them something to celebrate their forthcoming parenthood: a superb diaper bag.
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Dear Moms and Dads …

"Dear Moms and Dads …"


Here is my reply to a TOEFL test taker’s feedback shortly after she finished the test. She said the writing topic was about “a teacher’s methods when students get bored”. It sounded a bit strange because TOEFL writing prompts would hardly bring up “students’ boredom”. Despite this oddity, I told her that her response would be more likely to hit the spot because she tended to be more familiar with school things than sophisticated issues like governmental strategies or corporate ethics. Yet today, her mother interpreted my reply as praise, going nuts on seeing her daughter score only 22/30 in the writing section. Eh, what’s wrong?

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