Finally, Out of the Nintendo-G2A War

"Finally, Out of the Nintendo-G2A War"

You know that some of my recent posts share a tag #G2A_con and I was torn by the war between Nintendo and Around 2:44 pm today, the suspension of my Nintendo account was lifted. All I have now is mixed feelings. From May 19 to July 6 – that is, 6 weeks and 6 days – Nintendo and beset me heavily as well as other Nintendo users all around the world. ⇢ Read more

On the Resistance of Europeans and Americans to Face Covering

"On the Resistance of Europeans and Americans to Face Covering"

Many of my friends in Asia wonder why people in European countries and North America are not embracing the idea of face covering during such a pandemic. My observation is that basically ten reasons lie behind their reluctance to wear PPE. Some are just asinine, and others are even illogical. But this is what a “free” community is like: everyone is allowed to make their own decisions and think independently 1. ⇢ Read more

Ontario vs. Tianjin during COVID-19

"Ontario vs. Tianjin during COVID-19"

Province of Ontario, Canada — pop. 13.45 million — 16,608 confirmed COVID-19 cases as of May 1st, 2020

City of Tianjin, China — pop. 15.62 million — 190 confirmed COVID-19 cases as of May 1st, 2020

The similar size of population made me want to probe into the cause of the huge difference between the numbers of confirmed COVID-19 cases. ⇢ Read more

Flat Sheets or Cards: Some Thoughts on Timeline Design

"Flat Sheets or Cards: Some Thoughts on Timeline Design"

Which is the best timeline design? Different designers have different answers. My observation is that the flat sheet style, which means all information runs continuously on the same page with a horizontal line between two pieces, is a better choice for a multiple-user timeline. For an individual’s timeline, just like this site, the card style serves better. ⇢ Read more

“Resuscitation” of the Water Boiler

"“Resuscitation” of the Water Boiler"

UPDATE: Ta-dah! The Tiger VE water boiler & warmer is here! Definitely not the best model in the market, but it looks beautiful and works like a charm. Thank you, Amazon and Intelcom!

And I have written to Best Buy the third or fourth time to ask for a refund. Not a single reply has ever been received so far.

UPDATE: Ordered a Tiger VE Mincom alternative from Amazon, as Amazon delivers to the doorstep perfectly. Just hope this order won’t be fulfilled by #CanadaPost again.

UPDATE: ⇢ Read more

From FruityLoops 3 to FL Studio 20

"From FruityLoops 3 to FL Studio 20"

Today I happened to know that Image-Line had rolled out FL Studio 20 for macOS, skipping versions 13 to 19 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the enterprise.

I started to use FL Studio from 2001, which was then known as FruityLoops 3. It was the first digital audio workstation I came into contact with. It later became so deeply a part of my creations that the way I made music radically changed.

I was too young to own a credit card way back when. As such, I relied on a few cracked versions of the software to support my hobby until I switched to macOS years later. As much as I had expected a macOS version, Image-Line did not unveil it until May 22, 2018, when I had been away from Windows for almost a decade.

It was a serendipitous and wonderful encounter with Image-Line’s FruityLoops. Today I showed my belated support by purchasing my own license (Producer Edition + Signature Bundle).
It probably means that I could be prolific songwriting-wise again.