@vasta Just consider the 7+ billion on earth, or the millions in your city. You are unlikely to satisfy them all by exhausting yourself. There must be some left unheard, unattended, and thus dissatisfied in the end. It’s not your fault. You’re human. 💙

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Afraid to talk to any Chinese guy I’m not very familiar with. At the same time, I often reflect that I might not be truly familiar with a certain Chinese guy.

What those Chinese nationalists have been doing against advocates of Hong Kong protests these days has surprisingly — or not so — spoken volumes for the radical differences between the two peoples, which have helped shape the world’s observation that the “Pearl of the Orient” is in no way part of the massive land to its north.

I guess this is one of the best things to do in supporting @MAINLYMALI — guys, simply purchase #alexmali’s EP #sweetandsour. She knows very well how to saturate her voice with pathos. She deserves to be in the limelight. t.co/y0YyK4CbbD

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Unlike the poor rabble fighting for or against something in the scorching heat, we live real, decent human lives by indulging in iced watermelons in a 1,000sqf air-conditioned apartment this summer. —— Red Patriots

Sorry, dudes. This is just one kind of life designed for any living creature but doesn’t necessarily add up to a human life. While I can’t really think of a species voraciously feeding on iced watermelons, I think it fit to presume that their very existence has been wasted.

For a foreign ministry spokesperson to use non-diplomatic language in response to serious questions is preposterous. But in a state where the collective head has long been emptied, collective applauses have a reason to last. 🙄

My observation: Chinese guys are able to decide where to go only when

  1. they are approaching or already blocking an entrance/exit, stairway, or escalator;

  2. they get into your way face to face; or

  3. they get into a crowd and proceed in the undesired direction for a few seconds/minutes —

even if they have two or three navigation apps on their phones.

And all they will do is turn around abruptly and impertinently.

Probably God is helping them out. Where there are losses of bearings, there are epiphanies.