What is i ?

The imaginary unit i is defined by the property that its square is −1:

2 = -1

What is iiii ?

Obviously, i i i i = i 4 = 1.

(dispute closed out)

Still wondering what it is ?

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FYI, iiii should read as i to the fourth — NOT four eyes — which serves as an elegant manner of putting across the sense of 1.

The webmaster was born on March 22nd, so ii ii = 2 2 also seems plausible.

Some buddies have come up with a number of ingenious interpretations. If you are now undergoing math anxiety or a math-induced brain fade, just pick one for yourself.

  • innovative, intriguing, insightful, ingenuous (Thank you, Michael!);
  • impress, impart, influence, illuminate (Thanks, Steve!);
  • instant internet information itemizer (Favorite version!);
  • iPod, iPhone, iPad, iMac (Yeah, that’s on point!);
  • insert iinto it! (🤔🤦🏻‍♂️)

Anyway, however you make sense of it, iiii.ca is the Timeline page (including status updates, news, and blogposts) of Jason Shew. This site is run for personal rather than media purposes, and all the opinions you read on this site do not reflect the views of anyone else. In fact, it is the one and only online journal of the site owner. That being said, it still embraces visitors from all over the world and thus has a very intuitive design. If this is your first visit, for better experience, read Orientation and watch the video at the end of the article.

Then… who is Jason Shew?

Jason Shew is an experienced TESOL writing and language educationalist, iPhoneographer, and songwriter based in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada), and Beijing (China) alternately.

He majored in linguistics back at college, but has turned out to be a music maker and tech junkie since then. Now he teaches EFL students professionally and writes songs as well as making recordings on and off.

Given ample leisure time, he usually spends it on wiki-binge, reading, and cooking.

INTP.  aficionado. Apogee, Bang & Olufsen, Dyson, … all find favor with him.

Born to a family swamped with changes, he has more than one legal name and was given a maternal surname, Shào, whose “neutralized” speech sound, based on a number of Asian languages (KoreanJapaneseCantonese, etc.), is Shew. Born in the Year of the Tiger and often being reckless and dominant, he’s also dubbed TIGER, TIGERMACHO, or MASTER TIGER.

Aromantic 💔, gynephilic ⚤ as well as androphilic ⚣, yet only attracted to cisgender individuals (👉click here to know more), he’s a maverick among the crowd. When asked if he feels sexually / emotionally attracted to men or women, he’s always ready to give a bona fide response “Anyone but you”, because he doesn’t need better strategies to deal with casual, insipid questions like this. (In the same case, “Nobody but you” could be either ad lib flirtation or a sincere declaration. Gauge his mood if you’re there.) Generally open to all kinds of topics, he doesn’t think a talking point would have a place in your convos if it merely sates your creepy curiosity or interest but gets nowhere.

He started to craft his first homepage in 1999 (using Microsoft FrontPage) and his first proper website (arikid.com) in 2006, hence the time span shown in the footer. In fact, over the past 10+ years he hopped from one platform to another, but these sites came along by the same token: serving as an online personal journal.

If you’re more attuned to typing in a URL that says one’s full name, which is orthodox and maybe part of the social norms, try www.jasonshew.com, an alternate domain only disclosed to professional contacts or just waiting to be discovered by orthodox triers of WWW.FULLNAME.COMs.

Yes, this Timeline page is also accessible via timeline.jasonshew.com.

Web Design Principles

  • No casual embeds (embedded content = Jason’s original pictures and videos)
  • Exact time display (always his local time no matter where he is)
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iiii more thing…

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