How should we get prepared for the novel coronavirus outbreak? Neither panicking nor being carefree is right. Watch out for potential outbreak in your local communities, protect yourselves, and don’t start stockpiling like a beast. Some have underestimated the ramifications by comparing it to a common flu. Remember: however old you are, any damage to the lungs is irrevocable despite disappearance of symptoms. Run away from COVID-2019 as hard as you can. (A “fun” fact: It’s been recorded that one can be infected within 15 seconds by a carrier when both of them wear no face masks.)

Also, don’t believe that young folks won’t be affected. It’s true that mortality rates for younger groups are lower, but mortality rates mean nothing when you belong to that very fraction. I’ve known a dozen men and women aged 21 – 39 that have succumbed to the virus. How come you are so assured you won’t be like them?

Grow wise to the situation, YOUNG dudes. Your government normally won’t take it seriously until YOU take it seriously.

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