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  • @jasonshew all valid points really. Twitterrific is definitely the most innovative one, they always adding little things here and there like theming, icon options and fonts. Tweetbot it’s one of those apps “if it ain’t broke, why fix it” I think. No much development other than maintenance

  • @jasonshew i am always bouncing in between all of them. Always end up back to Tweetbot tho, it’s like muscle memory at this point and somehow you still get mentions notifications, they come in a few mins late but still. That being said I always keep the Official app around.

    • Thanks for sharing this. It seems I should stick to the official app. It’s not perfect, yet I’ve had enough of Twitterrific’s sketchiness in pricing. Zero experience with Tweetbot, and many out there say it’s way less cool than Twitterrific, like it’s no longer worth trying if one has tried Twitterrific.

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