Grown-ups, Live Your Own Lives, Even on the Internet

How many of us adults are really aware of the ownership of a lifetime?

I don’t see a reason that some people’s personal social accounts do not reflect their own thoughts and lives but shower bagatelles about their children on me — what their kids were eating, where their kids hung out, when their kids saw a doctor, etc. — as if these children were starring in a parent-sponsored low-budget flick or pop-up. One might say, “So what? Children are big part of my life. Their lives can amount to mine.” Oh, fine. Let’s just lay aside this toxic idea. But what on earth is YOUR life like? What do YOU think of the things YOU have just experienced? If you don’t care to let me know through your digital presence, why did you want me to follow YOUR account rather than your children’s, which of course I wouldn’t?

I do know many parents are child-centered in a positive way. A man who fathers three autistic kids (a friend of mine on Facebook) is seen encouraging his kids to communicate with audience on the net in a bunch of videos he has uploaded. Apart from that, he has launched and participated in an array of campaigns for fighting autism. Children are of paramount importance, and his own life has not become defocused and mundane.

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