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Recently I was moved to tears when watching a music video! Whoa! Unbelievable!

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Reasons that I love this video (written and directed by Spike Jonze) are simple yet complicated. No question that it’s both visually and aurally pleasing, not to be deemed an ordinary commercial where an actress is paid to pose and move in a cheap, coquettish way or to simply convey the trope of youth/vigor by being hyperactive.

FKA twigs’s dance movements, cadence variations and facial expressions are subtly intertwined with the tune, titled ‘Til It’s Over, a 2018 single by Anderson .Paak, and the lighting effects, so that the female protagonist’s specific state of mind is clearly and artfully communicated.

The most sophisticated part of the performance is the dual-role dancing. Why? The two roles are dressed the same way and appear in the same frame. However, they need to engage in intimate interaction and conduct improvisation respectively while presenting nuances of emotions. Though their looks are identical, the differences of their dispositions are so evident that you can easily notice that in the end, the girl in the mirror (pepped up by the track streamed via the HomePod), instead of the girl in real life, lies in the couch, puffing and delighted. There is a positive metaphor intended.

Also, this video is technically exciting, for what you see is not a CGI scene but an authentic one. Apple has blown audience’s minds again with its tasteful method of artmaking.

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