A 9yo girl diagnosed with cerebral palsy was drowned by her biological father and grandfather a month ago, in Nanjing, China.

Deeming her condition to be a nuisance, her mother divorced her father and forsook the daughter who was just 3. The whole family also meant to disown this poor little girl but her grandmother, who decided to raise her in the countryside alone before having to get back to town, where the rest of the family lived, last month, for urgent medical treatment for cancer.

Then came the saddest part. While in town with her grandmother hospitalized, this little girl was cast into a river, with two 8kg bricks in her beautiful school bag, by the beasts complicit in this homicide.

Seeing the decent clothing, jewelry and accessories her grandmother had prepared for her despite being financially challenged, I can’t imagine how saddened this now bed-ridden elderly woman would be if she woke up to the cruel news.

Don’t think I could get over soon.