Hey, This is the Disclaimer.

This site is run by an adult and intended for sane adults. Though not stocking it with explicit NFSW content, I can’t control how visitors, including underage ones, click their mouse buttons. If your children crawl over here and bump into something you feel inappropriate, it’s not my fault. I didn’t invite them to those pages at all.

My site doesn’t promise to provide a hothouse for your bright kids. Neither does the entire Internet. Nor does every tiny part of the world. Let our sanity work. It’s 2018.

If you believe your kids are to stray from the right track by browsing my site, just ask yourselves what the right track is in your pretty sacrosanct minds.

Apple Music provides albums whose covers are not subject to our aesthetic standards. I didn’t make them, and I don’t think sharing them is any close to indecency. Quite the contrary, I reckon them funny and it’s part of the culture I grew up in.

Listen. I embrace the Open Web. Yes, open is the word. If you need a website peppered with censored fairytales, bubblegum stuff, and teenage clichés, which this site hasn’t been made for, build one on your own or read what the Chinese government encourages your kids to. Now. Don’t waste this moment. Don’t presume to issue an order in my own house just because of your kids’ sporadic visits. Mind you, I’ve been running my site for 12 years. It might be as old as are your kids. A good understanding of etiquette does benefit every kid and every adult.

Requesting the webmaster of a personal website to offer content tailored to your interest is even funnier than teaching a pig to play on a flute. If some guy sent your kids a Wikipedia link to Prince Albert, a city situated in Saskatchewan, Canada, and your lovely kids stumbled upon the Prince Albert, a sort of piercing you wouldn’t want me to describe, would it be wise to ask Wikipedia to split that content off from its site? Let’s use our gray matter. 🙂

Hey kids, take my advice. Don’t search Wikipedia for the Prince Albert! It’s an evil website your moms are eager to purify before you take a peep!

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