Knowing that most audiences outside China can’t access QQ Music, I changed the format of my posts with the #Music tag. Now by clicking on the music icon, you will listen directly on Apple Music (iOS only). The song title below will lead you to Apple Music, too. (This is not redundant, since you may not see any icon but hyperlinks when reading site feeds.) However, if you’re not a subscriber to Apple Music, iTunes Preview will work for you (30-second preview for each song, desktop only). If you see [ Listen on QQ Music ], just tap the link and listen. (Note: QQ Music is accessible only from mainland China and may not provide the same version of the song.) For Spotify users, I’d advise you to search for music manually.

Want a try now? πŸ‘‡

🎡 “Take the Box” is a recording by Amy Winehouse, appearing on the 2003 album “Frank”. [ Listen on QQ Music ]