My Mating Preferences

I’m about to repost this for future reference, not for real mating.

Choose by intuition:

Q1: Your gender?
Male ➜ Q4
Female ➜ Q2
It’s complicated ➜ [Durian]

Q2: Were you born EARLIER than March 22, 1986?
Yes ➜ [Apple]
No (even on that day) ➜ Q3

Q3: Your physique?
Tiny ➜ Q5
Ordinary ➜ Q5
Fit ➜ [Apple]
Curvy but not shapely ➜ [Apple]
Enormous ➜ [Durian]

Q4: Do we look alike (in reference to the BBB dogma)?
More than 95% (We’re both Bulky, Bearded, and Butch!) ➜ Q5
About 90% (less bulky, for example) ➜ Q5
About 80% (less facial hair, for example) ➜ Q5
About 70% (bearing even less resemblance) ➜ [Apple]
Just around 60% (not very butch, for example) ➜ [Durian]
We look like Tom and Jerry ➜ [Durian]

Q5: Are you a virgin now in ANY way?
Yes ➜ [Cherry]
No ➜ Q6

Q6: Have you made out ONLY with same-sex partners?
Yes, I’m gaily homosexual basking in rainbows ➜ [Durian]
Yes, but I’m also curious to date the opposite sex ➜ [Durian]
You know, I’m in sham marriage ➜ [Durian]
No, but I’ve almost lost interest in the opposite sex ➜ [Durian]
No, I can still make out with the opposite sex though reluctant to ➜ [Apple]
No, I’ve been literally straight so far ➜ [Cherry]
No, I go both ways at will ➜ [Cherry]



➜ [Cherry] = Let’s have a shot! (You have to answer the extra questions shown below, though)
➜ [Apple] = We can be friends, and progress may (not) occur.
➜ [Durian] = Let’s just stay where we are.


Extra questions for [Cherry] :

1: Do you enjoy Jazz?
2: Do you enjoy live shows (live music, drama, operas, etc)?
3: Are you financially independent enough to live your life the way you wish to?
4: Do you like traveling a lot or staying in?
5: How much do you weigh social networking?
6: Do you think it acceptable for one to keep in contact with any of one’s exes?
7: How much do you love reading, television, and movies?
8: When your partner has changed in some way, do you think it’s important to stick to commitment?
9: How often do you smoke, drink, or go clubbing?
10: Are you quiet or talkative?
11: Are you laid-back or bossy?
12: Do you mind renting a dwelling place instead of buying one?
13: How much do you value personal hygiene?
14: How much do you enjoy video games / mobile games?
15: How do you view gambling, card games and the like?
16: Would you choose to stay away from those who might affect your relationship with a significant other?
17: How well do you educate yourself in terms of something beyond your knowledge?
18: How much effort would you like to put into acquiring knowledge about security and maintaining health?
19: If you got $100,000,000 by winning a lottery, what decisions would you make?
20: Are you particular about trifles that many people believe are not worth noting at all?

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