How Does it Feel to be Aromantic?

Many guys are wondering what aromanticism is, some of them mistaking it for asexuality. As a bisexual aromantic, I may help familiarize you with it.

Carnal desires are irrefutably human. An aromantic individual is not necessarily being asexual, and vice versa.

(aromantic flag)

I used to be demiromantic (toward heteroromantic) before the end of my sophomore year at college, and turned aromantic after a dramatic and traumatic breakup with an ex-girlfriend.

Being aromantic is no pride nor abashment. It’s a normal state of human mind. Being a perceptibly rare species is cool, and I’m going to reveal how I feel as an aromantic bisexual male.

  1. At each romantic moment, there seem to be some cameras on the spot as if I was shooting a bubblegum pop music video. I try to cater to my partner’s every need while I clearly know what I’m doing and stay horribly calm inside;
  2. There are moments I cuddle and caress my partner — just imagine the way you rub your love into your pets;
  3. Often blamed for “not being passionate or amorous”;
  4. Solitude is the best solution to stress of any kind;
  5. Clarity galore before, during, and after sex;
  6. You may think that sex could be the only way to channel romance into each other, but in fact sex has nothing to do with romance. That is, sex doesn’t necessarily trigger affections, and doesn’t necessarily happen when affections arise.

Being aromantic is NOT painful at all only if your partner FULLY understands your situation.

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