I guess I’m one of the few in my real life that are particular about the typographic style of names, say iPhone, macOS, Ke$ha (formerly), Anderson .Paak, FKA twigs, AirPods, rockstar, t.A.T.u., and k.d. lang. If you haven’t noticed the idiosyncrasies, I would suggest you scout for clues by paying attention to the placement of majuscules, minuscules, and symbols. I reckon a stylized name to be an important manner of presenting a person or a product to the public as well as delivering an intended message and thus an indispensable facet of the identity / image. No one is supposed to flub and mess up a specially stylized name. But this should not be identified with being a snob. Respect the peculiarities of others, and people will prize yours.

As to the Timeline page’s domain name iiii.ca, all letters are minuscules; the part (label) on the left, iiii, should read as i (raised) to the fourth (power), or simply one. If you’re wondering why, click here.