Enjoyed My Peanut M&M’s, Without Guilt

If you know me very well, you should know my preference for candies: hard candy, soft candy, salty candy, chocolate, etc. But not all candies are enjoyable. While Maltesers are my least-liked kind of chocolate, peanut M&M’s are absolutely my fave.

Last week I was yearning for the taste of some peanut M&M’s, so I took a 3lb pack home from Costco, a place you can’t expect to offer a pathetic 30-piece “fun size” bag.

After scoffing down some fifteen pieces, I felt overwhelming guilt — largely associated with my obesity. Toss the rest in the trash can? What a waste. Let them end up in my stomach? My blood sugar level would spike in a split second.

Then I psychoanalyzed myself: the funnest part of the peanut M&M’s, to my inner self, is actually the peanuts. Then I finished these M&M’s the way I eat sunflower seeds — by shelling the peanuts out with my teeth and tongue and dumping the cracked shells 🚮.

Bottom line: Skip M&M’s and buy roasted peanuts 1 next time.

  1. Yes, even peanuts per se do no good to weight loss and maintenance. I know, I know … 

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