UPDATE: Got the answer I wanted from one of Jason Fried’s recent tweets: Custom domains will be allowed later this year.

While eager to try HEY (I’d appreciate it if you have a spare invite to give away), I’m curious to know how soon custom domains will be supported. The service per se sounds full of enterprise; personally, @hey.com is not significantly cooler than my @mac.com, @me.com, and @iiii.ca suffixes.

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  • @jasonshew I really can’t tell you. I’ve done a quick search and found a Wikipedia page that might shed some light on it.

    I’ve never used any of those, so can’t compare. I can, however, tell you how it is on Fastmail. Is there something in particular you’d like to know ?

    On my plan, and I’ve been grandfathered so I guess that exact same one might not be available anymore, I can have as many domains mapped there, with as many aliases/identities as I need, no extra charge. On top of that I can also have as many aliases/identities as I care with their own domains (and they have a ton of those).

    Feel free to ask about anything else you might be wondering about.

    • Thank you Maique for the information. Didn’t know their legacy plans/features are still in effect. It’s a pretty cool plan with those features you mentioned. One of their current plans is priced at $50 annually with 30GB mail storage (plus other mail-related features). Microsoft 365 Basic provides 50GB mail storage as well as Office apps (online only) and 1TB OneDrive storage. The latter doesn’t support real aliases. You can receive but not send mails as an alias, which annoys me a bit. That said, either service sounds more sensible than what HEY would charge that much for. I might change my mind after trying HEY out, but it’s my honest opinion at the moment. 🙂

  • @mcg Wow! Those prices are crazy! I wouldn’t mind trying, but not like this. As I’ve said in another thread, I’m very happy with my email provider. I’ve been with Fastmail for years, have a LOT of emails there, and their feature set is amazing.

    • Speaking of Fastmail, I’m wondering how it outdoes Zoho Mail and Microsoft Exchange Online (which I’m currently using). I’ve seen many out there have chosen Fastmail over other email service providers.

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