I’m the type who’s tottering between “thriving” and “dying.” 😑 Day 112 in quarantine.

www.latimes.com/lifestyle/story/2020-05-11/quarantine-benefits-positive-stay-at-home-order-stories MUST-READ (5 min) Not everyone hates being stuck at home. Some people are thriving (from Los Angeles Times)

As the California stay-at-home order enters its ninth week, residents are carrying out their lives with a mixture of uncertainty, frustration, gratitude and restlessness. One only needs to scan Instagram comments wryly comparing this time to “Groundhog Day,” enter a Zoom call with exhausted co-workers or talk to a parent tasked with teaching third-grade math to discern that staying home is difficult for many people — even if it’s accompanied by an appreciation for those working to keep us healthy, fed and sanitized. … ⇢ Read more

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