An Important Message to Our “Deer” Friends

The following message was originally published in “The Hippies were Right” Facebook group (Link). All the images in this post, though watermarked, were taken from the original post and comments by various Facebook users. The Chinese version was done by Google Translate and me.

Dear Friends, we just received our first phone call regarding newborn fawns, therefore it is the time of the year to post this. Deer deliver their newborns in the strangest of places! Residents will find them and be concerned about a newborn deer on their lawn, in their garden, under the azaleas, etc. Most call because they think the fawn is in peril and Mom is nowhere to be found. Well, Mom is actually off feeding and helping to keep predators away. Those who call ask what they should do for the fawn … Leave it alone, do not touch, move or attempt to feed it. Here’s the scoop. Deer are NOT like horses. They do not have their legs under them immediately and need time to rest after birth. Horses get up and go that’s the sign of a healthy horse. A healthy fawn will curl up, nap most of the day and move their heads. They have no scent and predators cannot find them unless humans interfere. Mom leaves during the day for 2 primary reasons: to feed, and to keep her scent a distance from the fawn. Mom will come back (unless something tragic happens to her), but don’t expect her until dusk and certainly don’t expect her if humans are hovering around. If you are fortunate enough to have the gift of a fawn please enjoy the experience, respect Mother Nature and let the Mom do what comes naturally. She will move the fawn daily so you may see it in different locations. Please share, thank you.

— Chinese Version —




那些打來電話的人問:他們應該對小鹿做些什麼?答案是:什麼都不要做,不要管它。不要靠近去摸它、移動它、或餵它食物。這可能是個「獨家爆料」:鹿和馬不同--鹿寶寶出生後沒有立即行走的能力,需要時間休養生息。健康的小馬會站起來就走掉,而健康的小鹿會蜷曲身體、整天大部分時間都在瞌睡、只是會動動腦袋。它們不散髮氣味(除非人類靠近干擾它們),所以天敵無法找到它們。 鹿媽媽白天離開的主要原因有兩個:(1)去覓食(2)不讓自己身上散髮的氣味離鹿寶寶太近(譯者注:天敵可能會順著鹿媽媽身上散髮的氣味找到鹿寶寶)。

鹿媽媽會回來的(除非她遭遇了不測),但一般都要等到日落前後。而且,如果有人在附近徘徊,鹿媽媽也不會出現的。 如果您有幸目擊到鹿寶寶,請享受這樣一個難得的經歷。尊重大自然,讓鹿媽媽以它自然的方式照顧鹿寶寶。她將每天移動小鹿到其他地方,因此您可以在不同地方看到鹿寶寶。


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