“Resuscitation” of the Water Boiler

UPDATE: Ta-dah! The Tiger VE water boiler & warmer is here! Definitely not the best model in the market, but it looks beautiful and works like a charm. Thank you, Amazon and Intelcom!

And I have written to Best Buy the third or fourth time to ask for a refund. Not a single reply has ever been received so far.

UPDATE: Ordered a Tiger VE Mincom alternative from Amazon, as Amazon delivers to the doorstep perfectly. Just hope this order won’t be fulfilled by #CanadaPost again.

UPDATE: Canada Post did not ship the hot water dispenser to the door. They left a pickup notice card in the mailbox and transited the parcel to a post office. They say they do so by default if the parcel requires ID, Proof of Age, or whatevs. Does it mean people can only show their IDs at a post office, not even at home (no contact, of course)? Ridiculous. I have written to Best Buy to start a return and refund process if the shipment can’t work my way. I can make do with the leaky black beauty for a long while anyway.

Look, what a lovely notification during a pandemic.

Sorry, but I am not available.

UPDATE: Well, the product has been shipped through Canada Post, which is really upsetting. Canada Post guys never actually deliver parcels to the doorstep. Every time they just issue the notorious slips, with which people have to drive to a post office to pick things up. This not only renders online shopping moot but also is unacceptable during COVID-19 when we are asked to stay home. I tried to reach Best Buy and Canada Post to talk about this, only to find I would have to wait at least 5 hours over the phone. So I looked at their live chat pages …

Jesus! I understand that Best Buy has closed their in-store shopping experience. But why have they shut down live chat as well? Is the virus transmittable through a web chat? 🧐

UPDATE: I’ve ordered a new Zojirushi VE hot water dispenser from Best Buy. Not a cheap guy definitely. Will be delivered “as early as April 17, 2020.”

UPDATE: Bad news. The water boiler is leaking. Again. I’ll order a new one soon.

For three consecutive days, my water boiler leaked like crazy. But the leakage was not discernible in the daytime, so I decided to test it at night: filling it with 1.5 liters of water, putting it on a tray, and going to bed.

The next morning, the tray almost filled to overflowing, and drops of water were seen passing out through some invisible holes right below the handle, at a moderately fast pace. It was just uncanny.

Then I logged in to Amazon in hopes of finding reviews about it. Within a minute, I stumbled on at least five negative reviews of the same model I owned. Some users even reported leakage problems within 6 months. Duh.

This black Cuisinart water boiler was bought last May, so there should be a one-month warranty. Unfortunately, the receipt was missing, and during COVID-19, the retail store (Best Buy) has stopped letting customers in. Besides, I did not want to leave home during this critical time.

I took out the screwdriver and attempted to fix it. After dismantling it, I still got no clue how to reach the interior. Nowhere did I get to acquire instructions. In great disappointment, I put them back together. Meanwhile, I got a message on the phone ––

Friend: I just bought Fire Emblem. It’s pretty fun.

Me: S’all good. Likewise, I’m about to buy a Water Boiler.

I started to look at the electric water boilers and warmers listed on Amazon and Best Buy. I liked the Zojirushi and Tiger VE (vacuum electric) models, but the negative reviews were no less discouraging – the flaky Teflon lining in the water, the rusty bottom of the interior regardless of regular cleaning with citric acid, etc. – let alone a price as high as $290 excluding taxes and the slow shipping not to be fulfilled until mid-May.

I turned around, looking at the leaking black beauty again. I suddenly realized that I had not tested it after the disassembly and reassembly. Why not?!

1.5 liters of water poured in, it worked a cycle perfectly. Rested on the tray for a couple of hours, to my surprise, it did not leak at all. So far so good! $300+ saved!

But I haven’t emptied my virtual shopping cart yet. I know the fix was done by a sheer fluke. What if it leaked again like a scoop strainer tomorrow?

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