Dear Passers-by

An eight-year-old boy was frequently invited to his buddy’s home after school. His buddy, also classmate, Thor, had a cousin named Maria, who was two years his senior, and Thor’s home was next door to Maria’s.

The “game” the three were constantly involved in was something of parodies of various drama series, mostly of martial heroes in ancient China. The commonest scenario in their play was like this: the princess/female lead (Maria) is held hostage by head of a gang (the boy), undergoing obscene physical suffering. Then her brother/lover (Thor) comes to her rescue, mayhem occurring when the two male leads go into combat, and all hell breaks loose…

Sometimes head of the gang succeeds in taking both the princess and her lover hostage. To no one’s surprise, they both have to go through nasty physical torture at the same time, with four hands cuffed.

Of course, this scene had to happen in secret in a lightless room, and had to be all but silent, in case parents might arrive out of nowhere. Only low moans and icky, convulsive gasps of Thor and Maria could be heard. In the darkness, the boy found himself aroused when he had one hand on the crotch of Thor and the other on the bosom of Maria, as he could felt the full salute of Thor’s manhood, and the softness of Maria’s bosoms. Never ever had someone displayed such submissiveness that even their privates could become open to his ruthless touch as a result of tacit consent. The boy was excited. He blatantly slid his bare hand underneath Thor’s underwear over every inch of the belly, and slowly down towards the conceited warrior with no suit of armor. He enraptured the warrior by rubbing more violent joy into it. Simultaneously his other hand began exploring Maria’s buns. Then he kissed him and her on the lips. His tongue was even welcomed by Thor’s. Upon that first kiss in his life, the boy was electrified, but it was somehow clear that he didn’t hope to have any emotional attachment to either Thor or Maria. His obsession with the act — that is, imposing physical offense on them — was the only reason for his excitement, and he couldn’t tell exactly who contributed to this pleasure: Thor, Maria, or both. This kind of real-life darkroom practice, however, was anything but a onetime, unusual occurrence. At times, the boy was even offered exhaustive, ultimate pleasure only accessible to adults. But under the sun, they were again carefree playmates among many others.

Two decades having elapsed, the boy is still fiddling around. He has flirted with boys, made out with girls, but lost contact with Thor and Maria since 1997. As much as he’s missing them, he’s still looking to embark on new romance, or rather, adventure. He’s never nursed grudge against his long lost friends, considering this to be the least guilty secret. He thinks it stupid to smother himself with such past trifles and instead embraces what he was, is and will be.

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