Mr. Michael Darrett brought back the “MySpace Survey” on Facebook during quarantine, and he was interested in my answers to two of the questions. I guess some of you might feel interested, too.

Ever been on TV?Yes.

Well, I was reading in a library when a television crew arrived. Not until then did I realize that the library had just been renovated and wanted media coverage like crazy. Days later I found myself on TV, as well as a few other juveniles on the spot, endorsing that library — without pay! 😒

Ever rode in an ambulance?Yes.

On a hot summer day three years ago, I was awaiting a friend for dinner at a plaza when a sudden wooziness got into me. The heart rate app on my Apple Watch read below 50 beats per minute while my hands were cold and sweaty and legs were numb for no external reasons. Before I started to lose consciousness I called my friend and emergency services. I guess that was due to my obesity back then that had resulted in some minor cardiovascular/cerebrovascular conditions.

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