Why are some people against male circumcision?

According to CAN-FAP, circumcision won’t benefit men who have not developed serious conditions. On the contrary, it is likely to do much harm to men’s health and well-being.

  1. The necessity of circumcision is hyped and overstated.

  2. Circumcision is usually done without infants’ /children’s consent; therefore it’s deemed a form of bodily mutilation.

  3. Even for religious reasons, circumcision should be delayed until adulthood; only adults have the right to body modification.

  4. Circumcision does not necessarily boost sexual pleasure, and in most cases, it renders sex less pleasurable because the most sensitive part — the frenulum — is amputated. Also, men can be deprived of sexual enjoyment for life or even have their sexual function compromised due to accidents in botched circumcision, which is not rare at all.

Personally, I’m happy to learn that the prevalence of circumcision among Canadian newborns has been tapering off. Stay intact (uncircumcised / uncut). Stay happy. Make “#uncut and proud” your new hashtag. If medical necessity arises (as in severe phimotic cases), consult your doctor about possible alternatives to surgery. When female circumcision is widely called into question, it is fatuous to rationalize male circumcision.

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