When you find the lane full of wrong-way drivers, you condemn them one by one and even deliver a broadside but never reflect that you’re just driving against the direction of traffic.

I can’t afford a drone. Instead, I wish to make hundreds, if not thousands, of paper airplanes with words “Respect Innocent People” written on one side and the abbreviation on the other, to be flown to the White House equivalent. This would be my way to extend heartfelt wishes to an obnoxious dictator on his birthday.

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Cross the world four times

Cross the world four times. First, in your teens or 20s, as soon as you’re ready to take it all in. See it all, and learn. Get involved. Stay up all night talking with strangers, everywhere. Kiss and fall and promise to them all. Make lots of mistakes. …

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An enjoyable dinner in the quiet restaurant, a smart gift out of the beautiful box, and a godsent friend right in front of me — all these combined can move me to tears. I feel blessed. 🙏


A father and a mother are having a row over their son’s school matters. She insists the new English textbook is way too difficult. He thumbs his nose at her, saying she knows nothing about English education. Then they halve a loaf of bread for the son to eat on the floor of this “no eating & drinking” train. #ChineseParenting