Didn’t @fordnation and his fellows know a city named Beijing has 21.54 million people and has seen shockingly fewer cases for the past few consecutive months? 🙄️

toronto.ctvnews.ca/mobile/ontario-premier-says-friends-in-united-states-shocked-by-province-s-covid-19-success-1.5057730 MUST-READ (1 min) Ontario premier says friends in United States ‘shocked’ by province’s COVID-19 success (from CTV News)

TORONTO — Ontario Premier Doug Ford says his “friends” in the United States tell him they are “shocked” by the low COVID-19 numbers in the province. The premier made the comments at a news conference on Monday, commending the province for its success so far in battling the deadly disease. … ⇢ Read more

UPDATE: 4m → 5m = 17 days.

Trend in US COVID cases:
1 → 1m = 99 days,
1m → 2m = 45 days,
2m → 3m = 28 days,
3m → 4m = 15 days.
What’s next?

www.cnn.com/2020/07/23/health/us-coronavirus-thursday/index.html MUST-READ (6 min) US surpasses 4 million reported coronavirus cases as hospitalizations near record (by Christina Maxouris and Jason Hanna, CNN)

Democracy: I always thought I was robust, and I didn’t know I would be this fragile.

Totalitarianism: I’m in fact deeply ingrained, but I still think I’m too fragile.

Sounds like a whiny bitch.

www.state.gov/announcing-the-expansion-of-the-clean-network-to-safeguard-americas-assets/ MUST-READ (2 min) Announcing the Expansion of the Clean Network to Safeguard America’s Assets (from United States Department of State)

The Clean Network program is the Trump Administration’s comprehensive approach to guarding our citizens’ privacy and our companies’ most sensitive information from aggressive intrusions by malign actors, such as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). … ⇢ Read more

The Canada Post guy came to my mailbox for three times. He gave a pickup notice card on Day 1, a final notice card on Day 10, and a second final notice card on Day 15. He could’ve put that small parcel in my big mailbox directly or brought it to my doorstep. No, he just preferred to fiddle around with cards.

If you are or you know Marcia who delivered a Costco order (including a watermelon and chicken) on Aug 2 but hasn’t received a good tip, please dm me. I thought there were 3 days to go for a tip change but Instacart has somehow changed it to 24 hours so I missed the window.

Before presuming TikTok’s spying on you, ask yourself what part of you on that app is worth the effort.

Before stating China’s an asshole, open your eyes and read your country’s figures on the COVID charts.

If you realize having an asshole spy on you is far more desirable than living with shitty pandemic response, you’re a guy of great intellect.