If Google Authenticator doesn’t work properly on your iPhone, try offloading this app from Settings — General — iPhone Storage without losing any data and then reinstalling it. For details, follow these steps on this page. Many thanks to @tsongstad for passing this on to me.

My Theragun Elite arrived today. While it’s almost impossible to make an absolutely safe appointment with a chiropractor during COVID-19, a professional massage gun could do the job at home. And yes, it works like a charm. 👍

My family doctor heard about my sleep disorder and wanted to help. To start with, we would need a thorough sleep study. Seven days later I got an email from the lab. 1.5 hours after I completed the online questionnaires I got a phone call from the technician saying the overnight sleep study could be carried out on the same day.

19:52 Arrived at the lab
22:53 Sleep study started
05:32 Sleep study ended

Now I’m waiting for the results. Hopefully this will improve my sleep to a great extent.

Hey, dear fellow Canadians. If you’re pro-Trump, kindly head for the US and fund his cause. Bringing strifes up to Toronto and places like Aylmer is illogically idiotic.

As nearly all the sudden big and small outbreaks of COVID-19 in China this year have been associated with frozen seafoods, the novel coronavirus might have been sequestered in the oceans for ages until it was carried into the human body and caused this egregious “marine super flu.”

Let me tell you what this “improvement” means. Last year I paid $67.80/mo for 100M home cable; this year I’m paying $84.75/mo for 150M — 100M is now priced $79.10/mo, so why not pay $5 more for 150M — with the same ISP. Thank you, @fordnation. 🙄️

globalnews.ca/news/7441443/ontario-premier-doug-ford-announcement-minden-hills-township/ MUST-READ (4 min) Ontario investing $1B over 6 years to improve internet, cellphone service (from Global News)

The Ontario government is committing nearly $1 billion over six years to improve and expand broadband internet and cellular access across the province. In the village of Minden on Wednesday afternoon, Premier Doug Ford announced an additional investment of $680 million on top of $315 million announced in 2019 to support the province’s “Up to Speed: Ontario’s Broadband and Cellular Action Plan.” … ⇢ Read more