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Are you 100% sure that the other side won’t change their mind like a lunatic?


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I feel like I’m a raccoon. I simply tend to wash / rinse everything foreign to my home: bananas and oranges from Instacart shoppers, mop refills and dental floss from Amazon, etc. Now I’m looking at the Maria biscuits from Walmart…


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Thank you, Mr. Cook. An  face shield would be the goal for many fans.

Today’s @Instacart shopping experience:

  1. Perogies: 2kg ordered, 900g arrived.
  2. Dish soap: 828ml ordered, 591ml arrived.
  3. Spinach: 2lbs ordered, 1lb arrived.
  4. Oats: 2kg ordered, 600g arrived.
  5. Beef: $19.20 ordered, $16.37 arrived.
  6. Peas: frozen peas ordered, told it had to be replaced with fresh peas, but both frozen and fresh peas arrived — a happy accident.

I guess we pay for what we ordered (as shown on the receipt), not for what actually arrived.

These differences added up to a small amount of money, but with quantities in lack we need to order some items again and wait a long time. We appreciate Instacart shoppers’ efforts very much yet still hope for better services, especially for the right quantities and prices.

Rating and tipping won’t be affected for this time. Everyone is leading a tough life during such trying times.

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Your great job makes us feel like Ontario has been deserted.


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We want our lives back soon. 😥