Enjoyed My Peanut M&M’s, Without Guilt

"Enjoyed My Peanut M&M’s, Without Guilt"

If you know me very well, you should know my preference for candies: hard candy, soft candy, salty candy, chocolate, etc. But not all candies are enjoyable. While Maltesers are my least-liked kind of chocolate, peanut M&M’s are absolutely my fave.

Last week I was yearning for the taste of some peanut M&M’s, so I took a 3lb pack home from Costco, a place you can’t expect to offer a pathetic 30-piece “fun size” bag.

After scoffing down some fifteen pieces, I felt overwhelming guilt — largely associated with my obesity. Toss the rest in the trash can? What a waste. Let them end up in my stomach? My blood sugar level would spike in a split second.

Then I psychoanalyzed myself: the funnest part of the peanut M&M’s, to my inner self, is actually the peanuts. Then I finished these M&M’s the way I eat sunflower seeds — by shelling the peanuts out with my teeth and tongue and dumping the cracked shells 🚮.

Bottom line: Skip M&M’s and buy roasted peanuts 1 next time.

  1. Yes, even peanuts per se do no good to weight loss and maintenance. I know, I know … 

First night on CPAP. Still getting used to it yet feeling good. AHI decreased from 83 per hour to 3.3 per hour. Amazing. The pillow is Contour CPAP Max 2.0.

The CD I ordered from Japan has arrived. Took just 4 weeks from Yokohama to Hamilton during the pandemic. Much impressed! Time to wallow in these nice tracks — melodies injected with pathos 🎵…

Just deleted 4 apps from my phones: Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

This doesn’t mean I’m leaning towards Twitter.

If you experienced the hassles that Facebook and Instagram put up for you while deleting humongous amounts of data, you’d know these centralized social hubs are equally sinister.

Embrace IndieWeb, the Open Web, or the next gen of the Internet.

Other ways to reach out to me? You may want to see this page: hi.iiii.ca.

Today you went into a 14-day quarantine.

When the quarantine is over, you’ll find yourself free from both COVID-19 and Donald Trump.

Beautiful life, isn’t it?

Bought two bottles of cleaner approved for use against COVID-19 to disinfect outside items entering my home.

But why two? —— They would need to disinfect one another as well.