… I’m saying this not because I’m trying to defame China or @WHO. I’m living in Canada, and my family Japan. More importantly, the world needs truths. WHO is just complicit in the cover-up, sending paralyzing signals to misinformed areas. And a few countries have been misled!

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Canada & Japan shouldn’t have listened to either WHO’s advice on disease control or China’s accounts of their progress. They’re trying so hard to cover things up that whoever subscribes to their bullshit is doomed to disaster. Look what the US has done. @JustinTrudeau @AbeShinzo

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Several facts that suggest how China mishandles information technology in the Digital Age:

  1. Governments’ web portals are chronically crappy. The webpages are strewn with technical issues, and desired information is not always forthcoming. These sites are designed as vanity projects instead of functional, reliable platforms for civil services.

  2. An infamous state-funded project involves the development of a purportedly new, revolutionary coding language, which turns out to be a modification of Python.

  3. All social media services in the country never treat user data seriously. They can delete your social profiles without giving notice or valid accounts. They arbitrarily do so all the time. They don’t care if your profile needs a backup or is linked to some other services (like those allowing logins with Facebook/Twitter/Google). They can wipe out all your data in a split second. Meanwhile, they monitor users’ privacy and are ready to trade it for their own benefits.

Stuck around the airport for more than 24 hours. Thanks to the alt hotel, whose front door is only 200 meters away from the terminal. Yet it took me 10 mins to walk that distance covered by incredibly thick snow!

A college graduate from China died from chronic malnutrition. 24 yo girl, 47.4 lbs. 5 years subsisting on only white rice & red chilies led to fatal heart failure. She had no parents but a sick brother to attend so she had to eke out every cent. It’s 2020. I’m very much saddened.

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“A bug in #Facebook allowed people to see who runs FB pages. #4Chan managed to find out who actually writes the words for @GretaThunberg’s #FB page… Hint: It isn’t a 16 year old. #FBExposed #Truth #ClimateChange #ClimateHoax”

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